Summer Love - The Narcotic Daffodils 🌞❤

1. Summer Love
2. Naturally High
3. Guardians
4. Hypnotized
5. You can't get
6. Bruxelles
7. Atomic 53
It's been three years since the band's last album, Cellex, was released, and there have been a number of personnel changes since then, with Luna taking up vocal duties, Arne the drums and Maria the Guitar. I remember hearing Maria playing with an all-girl band many years ago and they blew me away, so the prospect of her joining the Narcotic Daffodils was exciting. As before, the bass is supplied by the inimitable Flupke with Simon providing Sitar and keyboard licks on the Hammond.
1. Summer Love
Any fears that the new lineup have lost the spirit of the old are quickly dispelled by the opening and title track of the album, Summer Love. Gilly Smythe, Gong# style, whisper-voices draw you in before Flupke's bass kicks in with the Hammond, underpinning, proceedings. The song ends with a melange of Sitar and synth, underlining the fact that the Narcotic Daffodils are back …

Joseph D'Lacey's Blood Fugue

Books are like Christmas Dinners, some you struggle to finish, with those last couple of Brussels Sprouts staring their defiance at you from the dinner plate, while others are gone in the blink of an eye, leaving fond memories of juicy morsels and wondrous tastes. In the case of Joseph D'Lacey's Blood Fugue you are presented with a smorgasbord of horror & are left wanting to lick the plate clean.

A potent mix of blood, sex, ancient mythology and sex, it contains scenes that will burn themselves on the retinas of your mind like staring into a nuclear firestorm. Reading Blood Fugue is like watching John Carpenter's The Thing on acid, with a liberal sprinkling of WTF moments along the way.

At its heart Blood Fugue is a vampire story, with its main protagonist, James Kerrigan, battling the forces of darkness against insurmountable odds. No easy feat when he's afraid of the dark. But this is Vampirism as its never been done before, and the plot hints at a huge mythos, ba…

Scotch Pancakes

115g plain flour sifted
1 medium free range egg
150 ml milk
1/2 tsp cream of tartar
1/4 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1 tsp golden caster sugar
melted butter for greasing

Making the batterSift the flour, cream of tartar and bicarbonate of soda into a bowl and stir in the sugar. Add the egg and slowly stir in the milk. Beat until smooth.

Cooking the pancakesHeat up a griddle or frying pan for at least 3 minutes to get hot. Smear with a little melted butter using a paper towel. Pour in 4 lots of a tbsp of the batter mix. After a couple of minutes large bubbles should appear. Flip them over and cook for about another minute.


Serve warm with bacon and maple syrup, clotted cream and jam or whatever floats your boat.

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The 100 Best and Absolute Greatest Heavy Metal Albums in the World, Ever.

As I've just about completed my collection of 100 CDs culled from Jacelyn Bond's damn fine book, and bastard of a charade title, The 100 Best and Absolute Greatest Heavy Metal Albums in the World, Ever,I thought it was about time I blogged the list to aid anyone else who wants to make their world a little heavier. Collecting the albums has been a long strange trip through the annals of rock history and taken me through classics by the likes of Sabbath, AC/DC and Deep Purple to Scandinavian Death Metal. Yes the choices are debateable but the book is a great way of discovering some wonderful music to headbang like a maniac to. It's got some notable omisions too, in particular a certain Black Country band who most would argue are the greatest rock and roll band of all timel and who cast a giant blimp shaped shaddow over the genre.

In addition to the 100 albums I've also listed the other albums by the bands concerned that the book says are worth getting, so if any of the a…